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Held back by your legacy software platform?
It may be time to consider enterprise software rearchitecture.

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What is rearchitecture?

All too often, legacy software code act as a brake on productivity. Your business may be missing opportunities for growth because its fragile codebase can't be enhanced easily. Or your operational costs may be spiraling out of control, since you systems depend heavily on manual intervention.

Rearchitecture is simply the act of rebuilding a legacy business system in the way it should have been built originally, had your business known then what it knows now.

In other words, rearchitecture is software refactoring at the enterprise level.

Held back by your legacy software platform? It may be time to consider enterprise rearchitecture.

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Restructure your legacy web or app code from the ground up using modern, service-oriented best practices.

Domain Entity

Reinvent your rigid data and object entity models and future-proof your business systems.

ETL Process

Improve data validity and reduce labor costs by implementing a smart data-intake component.

API and Cloud

Migrate your legacy application to the cloud and make it available to your vendors and customers.

Every business system evolves over time. Spreadsheets are migrated to transactional databases, static web pages become dynamic applications, and servers proliferate with abandon. A system is designed to fit a company's needs at a point in time, but times change.

Before you know it, the cracks are showing. Sales have overtaken system capacity. Those ad-hoc, client-driven customizations have made your source code nearly impossible to update. And a long line of staff developers have imprinted their own architectural philosophies — and bad habits — on the system.

What's worse, your system is now a mission-critical business asset. Downtime from unstable software code or poor system architecture now has a material cost reflected in your bottom line. And because the system is so brittle, your company can't exploit business opportunities that require quick, deft enhancements.

What do you do when your system can no longer support your business? When your system no longer acts as a force multiplier but as your primary bottleneck? The answer is enterprise rearchitecture.

Hammerbeam Software works directly with your IT group to rearchitect your existing business system. You get a system that can scale and evolve as your business grows. A system that automates those manual, costly, error-ridden processes that put your business at risk. A system that enforces the integrity of your data. And Hammerbeam Software migrates you to the rearchitected system without downtime for your users or your business.

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